i like to dress my cat in sweaters and i also spend a lot of time drooling over hearses.

yay for being sad and having no one to talk to 

I really like the….skillful way, you beat the other guys in not texting me back.

last night he said he doesn’t know how to help me and that made me really sad.

today was nice because i didn’t have to question anything. i knew we were both so happy, it was lovely. i felt really great, and i think he loves me just the same as before things started to be all messed up. i’m glad we’re happy now. i like how he seems happier now, when we’re together. just, today was so perfect. i hate goodbyes..but this one was the best goodbye i think we’ve ever had. it was nice. i know i’ll see him soon. 

being a rl shipper is hard. like c’mon, help.

i really need someone to show me how much i mean to them… oh wait, i don’t mean much to anybody now a days. 

well today should be over with now

literally just wrote The Nitrogen Games: featuring Nitress Everclean for my enviromental class i am so done